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Here are some of our most common frequently asked questions

For a free quote discussion with us, we’ll need to know what you want to achieve from your website. For example what pages you require and how many, if you need ecommerce functionality or even a new logo design.

From this, we’ll be able to advise you on the functionality and work required to  achieve the website you want. No fluffy salesy business – we’re straight up.
We’ll also be able to advise alternative methods, powerful tools or ideas you may not have even thought about!

Aside from the above, we’ll need you to provide us with a few things, ideally from the get go, so that your designs are as accurate to your liking and development is as prompt as possible. For example

  • Logins for existing websites, domains or tools
  • Copy content (we can help you if you’re struggling)
  • Imagery (we can use stock if you haven’t any photos)

It would be well worth reading this post so you can have a detailed read about things to consider and prepare for, when getting a new website.

This solely depends on what you need. For example a basic one page website to advertise your service(s) along with a contact/enquiry form is a lot less complex than an multi-page ecommerce website selling your goods.

Our websites start from £350.

We can usually have your website complete within 2 weeks, from creating your design through to handing you the testing website to experience. However, large and complex sites will take longer.

For a realistic timeline to go live, you’ll also need to consider of yourself:

  • Do you have a logo ready to go or do you need one designing first?
  • Are you clear on the look and feel of your desired website?
  • Is your content already written up?
  • Are you waiting on a photo shoot to go live to the public with your own images?
  • How responsive are you and will you set the time aside to constructively feed back to the designs and learn how the website works before it goes live?

Please use our enquiry form for an estimated time-frame and cost.

All websites built by Reddy adhere to the most up to date best practices.

The majority of users in this modern age when not at work, are scouring the web from their mobile phones. So it’s important to ensure that mobile devices are optimised for this.

We’ll also optimise your website for tablet viewing too.

Yes we can! We use WooCommerce as the e-commerce WordPress plugin tool, which will be hooked up and branded alongside your website.
This tool will allow you to sell your products with ease due to it’s user friendly editing tools. It also includes stock management capabilities, sales reports and optional product postage fee’s.

WooCommerce as standard, will provide:

  • Shop page overview of your products with optional categories
  • Individual product pages with images and descriptions
  • Basket to view all items before checkout
  • Checkout to sign up / login and input payment details
  • Ability to connect payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal and Apple pay
  • Customer view of an online account, to see their order history and edit personal details

The website is totally yours once your payments are up to date! Should you wish, we can send you a zip file copy of your website code as well as any design assets.
However failure to make payments could result in your website being taken down.

The majority of our plugins required to build your website, are included within your website as standard.

However, should you require a premium plugin or to upgrade from a free plugin to a paid option; you can create your own account and connect your bank details. Alternatively we can invoice you back for the plugin fee.

Of course, we can handle every aspect of website design and development.

If you already have hosting and emails set up – please share access securely with us so we can connect your website and get it live for you.
However if you’d like us to set these up and manage them for you on your behalf, we’ll include this in our quote and project invoice.

Hosting and domain renewal is often annual, depending on the length of term you originally chose to purchase.

If you also require automated emails sent to your customers when they contact you via your webforms, we can also set this up to alert you that somebody has been in touch, and style your customer emails with your own branding for you.

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